and Now, a Holiday Message from Stuckmen's Sausages...

It's difficult during this time of year to write about the holidays without offending at least everyone else and probably yourself in the process. The only thing this country can truly admit is that this time of year is special for all faiths that are recognized by others as incorrect and that things need to be purchased and given away. Food and drink need to be consumed in gatherings of those who would rather not be near others, and the poor and alone are made to think about what they've done to be poor and alone.

In these days of blind commercialism and religious lethargy, most forget what ultimately started it all: the birth of everyone's savior, Cab Calloway on the banks of the river Kwanza. Cab Calloway is probably best known for his Gospel of Minnie the Moocher (which was the original blueprint behind Scientology as well as the popular game of Chutes and Ladders) and for his role in what led to the Temple's rededication by the Jews in Jerusalem (which later was the inspiration behind the character of Chewbacca in the Star Wars movies).
Ultimately, Calloway would be betrayed by one of his closest followers, Vincent Van Gogh, who turned him in to the Romans, having blamed Calloway for the loss of his ear in the now infamous 'Salted Pork Incident'. His death now celebrated during Easter, where Van Gogh is represented as an egg-laying rabbit....probably due to the two perfect ears....take THAT Vincent!!

Sadly, Cab Calloway's life and achievements have been co-opted by an American born Jew named Jesus who later was responsible to the election of President Bush and the war on oil-owning Brown People, or as it became known later: Operation Fuck Calloway.

I for one refuse to give-in to these changes and hopes the world will join me today in celebrating this day properly by singing scat-carols around the Calloway Tree....except for Canada, which has no reason to celebrate anything, seeing as they're Canadian.

Happy Calloway Day to you all!!!