Working Within a Toast Allowance...

I have to say, That I am just shaking with anticipation for the Gridiron Gang to finally hit video stores. Not only for the obvious reasons that it was a well written children's book and that I have absolutely no intention of seeing it in theaters (or at all, for that matter), but it's also been a long time since I have had the chance to watch two full hours of inspirational catch-phrases about over-coming least since the remake of the Omen with Mia Farrow's heartfelt speeches to Damian about character and hating the Asians.

That's really all I have on that subject. Actually, I really didn't have any plans for this blog post (nor do I ever really) other than to acknowledge the fact that it's been forever it seems since I've posted anything. I could give you a list of reasons ranging from lack of internet access to being in a coma, but I won't.....even though I kinda gave you two right there, even though they were for example only....stop judging me.

Also, it's finally official, that I live in Brooklyn that is. After a long drawn out process, I am finally here and just as unemployed as I was in Louisville, but I'm ok with that. The area that I've moved to is beautiful. Technically, I am on the border it seems of the Sheepshead Bay and Brighton Beach neighborhoods, which means nothing unless the fragile truce breaks and I'm forced to choose which case I'll just sell both sides arms until they discover that I'm working both sides or the Police catch up with me for actually selling human arms because I didn't pay much attention in school during career day when the Arms Dealer was speaking.

Above is a photo of the Bay and of the walk I take every day practically, in all it's panoramic glory.

The apartment that I now reside in has come along way, especially since the day that Clint and I first walked in and saw it where Clint was forced to bite down on the emergency Bleach packets hidden in his molars. Actually, my new landlord, a retired Coney Island cop named George, and myself have finally finished with the repairing, painting, carpeting and whatnot bringing my abode out of "den of Son of Sam" and into "the Hatch" (Lost fans should get that). About the only thing still needed would be an internet connection, seeing as I am writing this at the Starbucks again, where Web access is costing me $6 an hour, which is annoying.

And for that reason, I am going to cut this off here.
More updates when I have Web access from my new home.