Answers to Frequently Asked my mind

Yes folks, it's question and answer time again for the very first time, quit looking at me that way. It's in this portion of my Blog that I'll take the time to catch up on my absence from posting by answering some of the more frequent questions that I imagine people would ask me if I were to ever go out into public. But first, here's a little good morning message for everyone:

Milque Toast enjoys Vietnamese Coffee

1: So, are you ever planning on finishing your website?
Aaaaaargh!!! That WOULD be the first question you'd ask, wouldn't it?! Look, I really have done a lot of work on it, and got fairly close to getting it to go live. But then I quit my job in January and have been focusing all my energy on this move to New York....and in all honesty, haven't touched the website since. Plus, I really don't know when things will settle down enough so that I can continue and finish work on in short.......yes.

2. Are you any closer to publishing those books you said you were going to publish this year?
*sigh* The above answer applies here as well. At this very moment in time, all of my work and most of my art and writing supplies are in a storage space just begging to be picked up and moved finally. I can't say when that day will be, but I'm hoping that it'll be soon so that I can start to get back into the groove of things. Seriously....I'm reduced to writing ideas and sketches on napkins and the like. So, in

3. How's New York so far?
Technically not there yet. True, I have already moved away from Louisville, thankfully. But as I'm writing this I'm doing so on my laptop in my parent's kitchen, whom I'm visiting in Pennsylvania. I'm hoping to be in my new apartment in Brooklyn within a week or so.....before I go crazy and chew off my own foot just for the sake of doing so.

4. But your profile already says "Brooklyn, New York". How can that be if you are in Pennsylvania?
Well, because I'm just visiting my family in Pennsylvania while the apartment becomes available in Brooklyn. Seeing as the end goal is to be there and not here I went ahead and changed my profile to "Brooklyn, New York" after leaving Louisville.

5. So, what you're saying is, is that you're a liar?
Look, I don't go and change my profile to say "The Bathroom" every time I need to take a shit, so no, I don't believe that I'm lying or being, I think I've had about enough of this topic!

6. You do realize that you're arguing with yourself right now, don't you?
I hate you.

7. Shall we move on to different questions?
As long as they aren't about questioning my sanity.

8. Do you think it's normal for one to have conversations with themselves as if they were two different people?
WHAT DID I JUST SAY?!! Thant's it!! I'm done with question and answer time right now!!! Get out of my house!

Note: This portion of "Frequently Asked Questions that have Never Been Asked" will have to continue at another time, when the author has had less or more coffee.....well, when whatever he needs is in balance enough so that he stops writing a lead-out as if he wasn't there and the one writing it........I have to go lay down now.