Don't mess with the One-Handed Sanwich, or Something.

This is going to be just a quick little post, just to plug my eBay auctions in case any of you are interested....I'm smack dab in the middle....wait......what the fuck does "smack dab" mean anyways? Seriously....there has to be a reason.......First person to Google that for me gets made fun for a day or two.

Anyways....I am Smack Dab in the middle of leaving the town of Louisville for bigger and better things......which is why this is just going to be a quick little which I'm already failing miserably..........let's start over:

Guess who's selling things online?
I know you already know the answer for the simple fact that if you're reading this line right now you've already read through the first part and you're whole pretending to be surprized and ask, "I don't know? Who? Please tell me?" is starting to offend me!

Wait....damnit! Start over again:

No no no!! Starting over again.......

I sell things! You want things? I sell them! You buy what I sell!!! Do it now!

My eBay items YOU BUY!!

and I sell more things!!!

My Books For You BUY!!!

Ok....I'm tired and I've got hundreds of miles to drive tonight.
Goodbye Louisville.