Titled this way for the Less Fortunate

So, I ask you...how insane does Tom Cruise have to act before it actually starts to hurt his box office appeal? I mean, I admit that I've never considered myself bias in either way, for or against him in movies....usually he's been in good roles so I've had no problem seeing his films....but now, I'm sorry, I just can't go see Mission Impossible 3 without half expecting him to call someone Glib at any moment or bust into some straight faced ridculous debate about something only to follow it with that forced maniacal laughter he seems to have adopted.

Ok, so it's three in the morning and these are the types of questions that plague me when I have no access to coffee. I am currently on Long Island with fellow traveller Clint in the search for a new apartment in Brooklyn or the surrounding areas. I accidentally fell asleep after today's long walk-about and search...now the house is quiet, my iPod is battery deficient, and I have a hankering for listening to Joe Jackson for some odd reason.

And that's really all I have to say.....tomorrow continues the apartment quest, most likely with the help of a realitor of some variety, unfortunately.....and I'm still craving hearing Stepping Out, which just shows my age I suppose.